Missile Dodge

Missile Dodge

2.0 - For Android
Developer : CoCoPaPa Soft
Version : 2.0
App Size : 5.3 MB
Date : 2018-10-10

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Do you like playing dodge game? Missile Dodge is a game dodging missile and asteroid(meteor).

There are many missiles flying towards to you. In addition, missiles follow your spaceship. The asteroid(meteor) that destroy at once appears to you continually.

In this crisis, you must succeed in dodging missiles and asteroid(meteor). After 10 seconds, the stage is cleared but the amount of missile that are approaching is increased.

When you are hit to missile, your energy decreases. When you touch to the asteroid(meteor), all energy is lost at once.

Dodge missiles approaching to you as long as possible. You can also destroy missile by using asteroid(meteor). Destroy as many missiles as you can and try to challenge high score. You may try to compete for score with your friend.

Missile Dodge is a simple dodge game, but check your quickness with listening to beautiful background music on beautiful universe. It is a good game to anyone who dislike complex games.

[How to play]
1) Touch the screen to move the spaceship.
2) Dodge missiles.
3) If you are hit to missile, energy is decreased.
4) If a missile hit a asteroid(meteor), it is destroyed.
5) Dodge asteroid(meteor).
6) If you touch to asteroid(meteor), the energy become zero.
7) You can go next stage after 10 seconds.
8) You have to survive as long as you can.

What’s New

- Game balance adjustment

Additional Information

Developer CoCoPaPa Soft
Date 2018-10-10
App Size 5.3 MB
Version 2.0
Total Install 7949+
Requires Android Android 4.0.3+
Ratting Point 5.0
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