Battle Planet AR

Battle Planet AR - For Android
Developer : Threaks
Version :
App Size : 46M
Date : March 13, 2018

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The very fabric of our universe has been compromised, Earth is now threatened by the deadly and unstoppable TERMINOIDS! Only the bravest souls stand a chance against their relentless onslaught.A new enemy, a new kind of war! Battle Planet AR brings the fight to you! Spawn your battlefield on your father’s kitchen table, on your mother’s car, on your sister’s cat*! And fight off the endless waves of TERMINOIDS in the real world! Planets are randomly generated, as are the monster waves, so you will never play the exact same battle twice!Watch with gusto as spaceships fly through your living room, into your friend’s faces, but remember to keep an eye on those pesky mines and get close enough to allow your droid to disarm them; if not, well, enjoy the show as your planets explode and pieces litter the pavement at your local grocery store. And remember: the only good TERMINOID is a dead TERMINOID! Will you do your part?Want to know more?Battle Planet AR Features:- AR battlegrounds: Spawn your planets on any real life flat surface and fight your battle inthe real world!- Screenshot sharing: Stop your fight, move your phone around the planet, and take the funniest, weirdest, craziest photo of your alien invasion and post to your favourite social media channels!- Rogue-like: You live! You die! You live again! Survive for as long as possible as you wait for aerial support from your trusted allies!.- Epic boss fights: Should you live long enough to see them, enjoy amazing boss fights- Boosters: Should you survive more than one battle, you’ll get to choose from various boosters that fit your playstyle!- High Score Ranking: Become the best fighter in the world and crawl to the top of the in-game ranking board!- Autofire: Kill evil monsters in style by using only one thumb! All you have to do is move around! (we hope you can manage this)*cat support not guaranteedInstagram: @battleplanet_ar

What’s New

fixed minor gameplay bugs

Additional Information

Developer Threaks
Date March 13, 2018
App Size 46M
Total Install 100+
Requires Android 7.0 and up
Ratting Point 3.7
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