Pascal N-IDE – Editor And Compiler – Programming

Pascal N-IDE – Editor And Compiler – Programming

4.3.2 - For Android
Developer : Mr Duy
Version : 4.3.2
App Size : 6.0M
Date : March 18, 2018

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The application is a Pascal interpreter on Android. This application is confusing for everyone to learn Pascal on the mobile without a computer, so that we can practice anytime, anywhere.1. The main features of the IDE: – Compile Pascal programs and run them without Internet. – Error when compiling – Powerful editor with many smart features: ★ File menu: create a new program file, open, save,automatically save file ★ Menu edit: Undo, redo, copy, paste. ★ Auto suggest: Display a small popup window that suggests words that coincide with the word being typed ★ Auto format: automatically reformat the code for easier viewing. ★ Find / Find and replace: Regular Expression support. ★ Goto line: Move the cursor to a line. ★ Highlight code: highlight the keywords. ★ Code style: many interface for the editor. ★ Font size, font, word wrap. – Support library Android (Sensor, battery, record audio, camera…)3. Libraries supported for Android – The “aTTSpeech” library converts text to speech. See example text_to_speech.pas – The “aRecognition” library converts speech to text (requires Google Voice). See example speech_to_text.pas. – The “aVibrate” library supports vibration control. You see example vibrate.pas – The “aSensor” library supports processing of Android sensors (light, acceleration, …). See accelerometer_sensor.pas for accelerometer sensor example – The “aNotify” library helps display notifications in the status bar. See the example notify.pas – The “aClipboard” library works with the clipboard in Android. See the clipboard.pas example – The “aBattery” library retrieves the battery information of the device. See battery.pas example- If you want to add or improve a translation of PASCAL-NIDE, please visit this link am constantly working to improve this product. If you want to help me with the content (language translation, example code), please contact me via mail. I am very happy for your support.

What’s New

C/C++ N-IDE released. Try it now array with char indexMore bugs fixedDutch language, update russia language

Additional Information

Developer Mr Duy
Date March 18, 2018
App Size 6.0M
Version 4.3.2
Total Install 500000+
Requires Android 4.0 and up
Ratting Point 4.6
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