miMuovo – Transports in Italy

miMuovo – Transports in Italy

4.0 - For Android
Developer : Traveldata
Version : 4.0
App Size : 44 MB
Date : 2014-03-31

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miMuovo is the search engine for public transport in Italy. You can find the information about urban and suburban bus services (published on the web by transport agencies), trains and railway stations, price and info for lowcost and regular flights, info on the interregional coach lines and all the info about the ticket sellers. With this app we will immediately point you to the "right" links for information on times and locations of local public transport in an area, if there are bus connections to inter-line or national, if there are railway stations in the area and eventually their schedules, which companies operate public transport services in that area, where their ticket offices are located, if booking online is possible, etc…

With our app who travels in Italy will have, collected in one place, all the useful information published by the websites of each of the transport companies.

If you find this app useful, show us your support by giving us a nice rating and letting your friends know about us! And if you think that something is missing or if there's anything you don't like , just mail us so that we can fix it as soon as possible!

INFOMOBILITY is one of Italy's main sectors involved into innovation processes, since the key feature within public transport is the information given to users. In fact each of us has ever had to reach a particular destination and had to know which public transport services to use. For everyone in fact, before undertaking a journey with public transport, is essential to know the lines, routes, schedules, bus stops, the cost of the ticket, if there are any strikes, etc..

Of course, now we have Google, but nevertheless the information about public transport is the classic example of how this vital information is often presented in a chaotic and inconsistent way: there's the transport company that presents the so-called Journey Planner on its website (although not so many companies do so) based on user's preferences, there's the company that provides such information as a web page and then there's the company that publishes them as PDF files that can be downloaded.

The same schedules are presented in as more various and disordered ways as possible: from the old-school timetables at all stops, to the schedules in which only the departure and destination terminuses are given, and even those where it just says "starting from the terminus every thirty minutes"… Not to mention the changing of the schedules (winter-summer, holiday-weekday, with validity periods that are often set so different from one another by hundreds of Italian companies in this sector).

miMuovo represents an attempt to merge all "useful" and necessary information for the public transport user in Italy, by filtering them as much as possible from that sea of confusion the Internet is and trying to present only what is really needed and is useful for travelers.

The app covers the whole Italian territory and all of its public transport companies, and always keeps up-to-date with any eventual change made by the companies. Navigating through the various pages is very simple and we do our best to keep the app as user-friendly as possible.

Currently the app is able to provide the following information about buses and trains as published on the web:
– Info from the companies that perform services for urban and suburban public transportation throughout Italy,
– Info from the companies that perform services for national and inter-line throughout Italy,
– Info from the rail service operators throughout Italy.

PLEASE NOTE that miMuovo provides no warranty and is in no way responsible for the lack of updating or any inaccuracies of technical or other nature about the information published by the Transport Companies. It is therefore advisable, before making a trip, to always check the accuracy of the data published on the websites of the companies by directly contacting the provider of the transport service.

Enjoy your trip!

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Developer Traveldata
Date 2014-03-31
App Size 44 MB
Version 4.0
Total Install 8285+
Requires Android 2.2 and up
Ratting Point 3.0
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