Gym exercises for Women

Gym exercises for Women

1.0 - For Android
Developer : YOLO MAD Game
Version : 1.0
App Size : 2.3M
Date : October 6, 2018

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There's a popular saying among fitness experts: ''The best exercise is the one you're not doing.'' The take-home message? To achieve the best results, you need to regularly challenge your body in new ways. So while classic movements like the pushup, lunge and squat are the staples of any good workout plan, varying the way you perform these exercises every four weeks can help you avoid plateaus, beat boredom and speed fat loss.

And that's why I wrote The Gym exercises for Women App. From start to finish, this makeover manual bulges with full-color photos of more than 600 exercises, along with scores of cutting-edge workouts from the world's top trainers. All to give you thousands of ways to upgrade your old workout—and sculpt the body you've always wanted. You can start today, with this list of the best new exercises for every part of a woman's body.

Gym exercises for Women feature:
Abs: Mountain Climber with Hands on Swiss Ball
Glutes: Hip Raise
Quadriceps: Offset Dumbbell Lunge
Hamstrings: Single-Leg Dumbbell Straight-Leg Deadlift
Chest: Single-Arm Dumbbell Chest Press
Shoulders: Scaption and Shrug
Triceps: Swiss Ball Lying Triceps Extension
Biceps: Split Stance Dumbbell Curl
Upper Back: Swiss Ball L Raise
Lower Back: McGill Curlup

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Gym exercises for Women

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Developer YOLO MAD Game
Date October 6, 2018
App Size 2.3M
Version 1.0
Total Install 4627+
Requires Android 5.1 and up
Ratting Point 5.0
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