Design Of Henna

Design Of Henna

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Version : 1.0
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Date : October 10, 2018

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Henna Art has been known to humans since 5000 years ago. Generally in Indonesia henna is applied in the hands / feet. In Indonesia, it is usually called Boyfriend Kuku, Ineng, Gaca, Ngatu, Kayu Laka, Paci, Laka Leaf, Tilangge Kuku, Jai Flower, Pacah etc.
In order to know more about henna hands in detail, it would be better to read in advance the notions of henna, the history of henna and the benefits and uses of henna.
Some historians say that this art originated in the Moguls who later took him to India. However, some say that it was from India that Henna originated and others said the Mehndi henna came from the Middle East or North Africa.
Henna is one of the oldest plant names used as cosmetics. And it's very safe to use. Rarely causes problems for the skin. Generally when people will carve decorate henna in hand. The art of decorating the body using henna is called Mehndi. Mehndi is formulated and mixed from the leaves of henna plants (Lawsonia Inermis). In Indonesia henna plants are often called boyfriend nails (
Henna Hand – Of course you are no stranger to mehndi or mehendi art, which is the art of using henna or henna or henna leaves. There is a lot of art produced from henna, such as henna hands or hand hens, bridal henna, henna legs, henna palms and other henna carvings.
Henna or also called Mehndi Henna is a kind of boyfriend that is mixed from the leaves of a plant called Henna or Lawsonia Inermis. The word henna comes from the Arabic al-hana'a (الحناء). It's hard to predict where henna comes from because this art is estimated to have grown almost 5000 years.
Indonesians used to wear henna when they were brides, henna brides. Whereas in India women use henna every time there is a big celebration, such as marriage, Eid holidays etc.
Henna plants grow and develop well in hot climates. The height of the henna plant can reach 4 to 6 feet and can be found in countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, India, Egypt, Syria, Senegal, Iran, Kenya, Morocco, Uganda and Palestine.

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Developer DCCDEVE
Date October 10, 2018
App Size 6.6M
Version 1.0
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