Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips

1.0 - For Android
Developer : Noor Studio
Version : 1.0
App Size : 11.9 MB
Date : 2019-01-28

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Beauty Tips
Daily Beauty Care –Skin, Hair, Face, Eyes” is an app that serves as a beauty guide for both men and women all over the world. Here you will find plethora of natural tips that can help solve their day to say beauty related problems like acne, pimples, puffy eyes, dandruff, alopecia, dry hands, greying of hair etc. 

‘Daily Beauty Care –Skin, Hair, Face, Eyes ’ as its name suggests is not just a natural beauty tips app that only gives you more than 1000 home remedies for beauty tips but also includes diet suggestions for your problems and also is a step by step guide with appropriate exercises for the same.
Homemade Beauty Tips and tricks App contains Natural beauty tips which can be easily prepaid at home. This app includes a number of Natural Ayurvedic remedies for Beauty related problems of Face, Hair, Eye, Skin, neck,garankosufed krny ka totky Arms and Feet. It is given as five categories 

Face Beauty tips
Hair Beauty tips
Eye Beauty tips
Skin Beauty tips
Arms and Feet Beauty tips
Skin Whitening
Beauty Tips for Men
Beauty Tips for Lips
Eye makeup tips
Each category has got various subheadings such as Natural homemade tips for Fair Skin, Face Cleanser, Blemishes of face, Head lice, Dandruff, Loss of hair, Prickly heat, Dark inner thighs and underarms etc.

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Best Facial Beauty Tips – In this category, you will find how to do facial and skin care to look khusburat and handsome.Skin Whitening Tips (Rang Gora Karnay k Totkay) – This section gives you beauty tips on skin whitening makeup tips and tricks. Makeup tricks Checkout natural skin whitening tips and totkay to how to turn a dull brown skin into white.Hair Care and Styling Tips – If you want to give your hairs a unique style, then follow the hair tips. Natural beauty tips, hair care tips, beauty tips for girls. Home made beauty tips. Facial tips and beauty tips for skin give you a healthy and glowing skin it’s a beauty secrets.

Make Up Tips – You now need not to go to parlor for makeover. Simply check this application and do as directed in videos to know how to get best makeup for wedding, parties or at home. These are the best beauty tips. Weight Loss Tips – Also, there is another healthy beauty tips in urdu in which you can learn how to reduce your weight within 2 months.
The content and images Videos contained in the app is collected from online sources, we do not claim the authority of the content
The homemade beauty tips information on this app is provided as an information resource only.
Please consult your doctor in case of any health related problem. Pregnant women and children should consult a doctor prior using these remedies as a precaution measure expressly disclaims responsibility, and shall have no liability, for any damages, loss, injury, or liability whatever suffered as a result of your health on the information contained in this app.

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Developer Noor Studio
Date 2019-01-28
App Size 11.9 MB
Version 1.0
Total Install 7389+
Requires Android 4.0 and up
Ratting Point 4.0
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